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A Comprehensive Martial Art System

Tae Sool Won is a systematic study of traditional Korean fighting arts. It is an extremely organized system which seeks to explore all aspects of traditional Korean martial arts and then integrate many of the best practices into a comprehensive martial art system.

As a system, Tae Sool Won covers a broad spectrum of traditional Korean martial art techniques.

Some of the specific areas of training include:

  • Hand Striking
  • Kicking and other leg techniques
  • Throwing and Grappling
  • Joint Locking techniques
  • Falling techniques and Acrobatics
  • Traditional Korean Weapons
  • Body conditioning
  • Mental development
  • Martial Art Healing methods

We offer seminars, clinics and regular instruction in all elements of traditional Korean martial arts training. This includes traditional forms (Hyung; 형), weapons (Moogi Sool; 무기술), effective self defense skills (Ho Shin Sool; 호신술), pressure point techniques (Ji Ap Sool; 지압술), Ki training (Ki Gong Bup; 기공법), meditation (Myung Sang; 명상) and much, much more.

Whether you are a new instructor or a seasoned martial arts veteran, the World Tae Sool Association is here to help you!!!   We offer training and advancement opportunities from beginner to Senior Black Belt levels. We can also provide curriculum development assistance and instructor training.

We are currently accepting applications for school and individual memberships.

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Grandmaster  Troy Trudeau

Chong Kwan Jang Nim  —  총관장님
9th Degree Black Belt

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